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Devlin Hub

Come and join our discord server, we welcome new members with open arms!

Community based
Chill chat
Sustainable growth

That was a short description, right?

Let me give you some more good things that we do!



So many people will have heard of this term before, but what you are playing is almost always managed by the staff! In Devlin Hub, we let the members decide when, where and what game will be played along with allowing them to make their own events for each game. Cool right!?


We listen to feedback

We have a #suggestions channel that allows any member to suggest features for our many bots and server!


Staff you can actually talk to

Wow, communcation with staff members! Thats something that you don't seem to see around that often. But here we are, just use /support or /report to have a serious chat with our staff members about a matter, or have a friendly convo with them in #general!


Coding support

Ask and get! QNA, whatever you call it; we have it! Ask your questions about coding or shed a light on what you are doing and wait for our community to respond!

Sound good?