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Devlin Startpage

We make bots do the things you need them to do

Simple bots, simple experiences

We have been making Discord bots for over 3 years and something that appears to be very common is the use of over-complicated parameter-based commands, resulting in a negative user experience. People shouldn't have to remember thousands of commands to do something simple. Devlin Bots attempt to reduce the entry barrier of Discord bots for users by making simple, easy to understand experiences so users don't end up asking "What do I do now?"

So; you make bots. How are you any different to any other developers?

Good question!

  1. EXCELLENT UPTIME - our bots sustain a good uptime due to our hosting services, being online throught your day; all ready to help you!
  2. FEATURE-RICH - we cram lots of features into each one of our bots! We wonder what the point is of having loads of other bots made by different people when you can just have a few that incorporate all of the required features.
  3. USER-FRIENDLY - the problem with many bots on discord is that they just don't get their ideas right when trying to help the consumer. Many commands in bots are complex, hard to understand and just have long commands. We differenciate from these bots by adding simple, step-by-step commands that allow you to understand what to do at each step. Have a go and try it out!

Here are our server goals for each of our bots

This shows how many people trust our services to help them out on a daily basis.

Still not quite ready to check our bots out?


#1 ServerMate - Aim: 15,000


#2 DevlinBot - Aim: 200


#3 Musicbot - Aim: 100


#4 PartnerNow [Alpha] - Aim: 1

Still not ready?

No problem! Here are some of our users testimonials:

Some testimonials have been shortened for brevity, this is indicated using [...]

"I have been using ServerMate on multiple servers for the past year and I love it." ... Servermate is "the ultimate advertising system"

"I enjoy the fast support time as well as the developers being extremely nice and easy to talk to without issues. I enjoy them being receptive to new ideas, as well as them keeping an open mind."

"Musicbot is really good because it is faster then most other bots, plays higher quality music and easy to use and understand, with simple commands."

Now you've seen what we do...

Would you like to try a bot?