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Bump banner

Bump banners

Bring in many more users by creating a custom image banner for your server!

Bump statistics

Bump stats

Display some interesting information about your server in the bottom of every one of your bumps!

!settings > Server settings > Bump statistics

Bump filler

Bump fillers

What's even better than Bump stats? Fillers of course! Embed your server's statistics into your bump message

Server of the Week

Server of the week

Join our every-other-week competition to earn yourself the position and get advertised on our website & Twitter.
An entry is all you need!

Server verification

Server verification

Get your server verified on ServerMate to get rewarded with a large checkmark badge!

A server with ServerMate level 3+ is required Type !verify to get started

Server Discovery

Enable Discovery

Get your server verified on ServerMate to get rewarded with a large checkmark badge!

Type !discover to get started


Enable bump reminders

Stop guessing and get reminders from ServerMate when you are able to bump again

Type !remind to toggle reminders

Advertise in Devlin Hub

Advertise in our server

We have a dedicated #your-servers channel, feel free to advertise your server in that channel for 5k+ members to see!

Thought that was it?

Head on over to our Patreon page to purchase premium from £2 a month and unlock a number of ultra-useful features

Not enough bumps coming in?

No worries! Join our server and see every bump sent in our special #all-bumps channel

More info

Have we missed something here? Feel free to explore the range of documentation for ServerMate!