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ServerMate guild growth graph

We arent joking!

ServerMate has been reccomended by many sources for being the most effective bump bot out there! Even the bot's growth statistics can speek for itself...

Server of the week

Each week we pick out one server from our bump list to help grow, bumping more often means that you have a greater chance of being shown here!

We have 101 reasons why to get ServerMate!

I mean, okay. Listing 101 reasons why to get our bot is long. So lets just leave it here!

If you have any reasons not to get ServerMate, why not have a chat with out support team. Maybe they can give you a better idea of the bot!


Function Commands Description
Commands list!help !? !hDM's you the global Help message
Changelog!news !updates Shows the update news log
Bump count!bumpsDisplays the number of bumps made since restart
Setup guide!tutorialDM's you ServerMate's setup information
Stats!stats !infoDisplays ServerMates's Statistics
Bot ping!ping Displays the bot's exact ping
Invite links!inviteDisplays the bots invite link and support server
Server count!serversDisplays the number of servers the bot is in
Vote!voteDisplays the link to upvote our bot
Support guides!faqDisplays the link to our FAQ / Support page
Contributers!creditsLists of all of the people who made this bot possible
Bump server!bump !bAdvertises your Server in other Servers
Suggestions!suggest <suggestion>Suggest an idea or feature to the developer
Suggestions!suggest <suggestion>Suggest an idea or feature to the developer
Preview!previewPeview your bump message without bumping your server
Setup!setupConfigure your partner message to bump with
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