Terms and Conditions

We require you to agree to these terms to use the Bot, You abide by these rules for fair use of our services

  • Content sent in any message through the bot that is user-generated (Material found in such places as: #bump, #serverchat), you agree that we have no liability for the content sent and received through your server
  • You will not abuse your use of our services
  • You agree to our minor data collection being fed back to our main server
  • You agree that the service managers have the right to update this message and enforce these terms of service at any point necessary
  • If any of these terms are broken, we reserve the full right to take a users fair use away or warn them
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    Notice: ServerMate is currently under constant development, this means that the bot could temporarily come offline for a short period while changes are being made. Sorry for any Inconvenience Dismiss

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    Hey! I'm ServerMate, wanna get members? I think can help!

    ServerMate is one of the fastest growing partnership discord bots created and can get you more members than ever before!

    My Features:


     Advertise your Discord Server every 20 minutes in all of the servers that the bot is in with !bump


     Upgrade moderation on your server with ServerMate's own Kick and Ban commands!

    With many more options coming soon to the bot...

    Global Chat

     You can go ahead and give other servers a message with our Server Chat feature!

    Just create a channel called #serverchat and make sure the bot can see the channel.

    Get Verified

    You can get your own "Verified Server" tag underneath your partner message in the uneditable footer!

    This gives you a greater chance of joins!

    Invite ServerMate!

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    These links will take you to our Google Documentation Site


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    ServerMate accepts the following commands

    Remember to use the Command Prefix!

    Server Staff Only:


    Need a chat?

    Join Official Devlin Discord Server
    Join Devlin Bots Discord Server
    Email the Manager: dev.beebee1234567891@outlook.com
    Did you know?
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