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Now, this is new

Say hi to Musicbot 2.0

A fully fledged redesign of the popular music bot, Musicbot! (What a convenient name!)

Musicbot is currently not ready for release, any details or features listed below are subject to change before release

Quick compare

Musicbot Version 1 Musicbot Version 2
Non-customisable logger channelCustomisable logger channel
!!prefixCustomisable prefix [Default !!]
DJ role for Leave & Skip commandsDJ role for Move, Leave, Skip & Earrape commands
50% volume onlyCustomisable volume & Earrape mode
Non-customiable default volumeCustomisable default volume
Play & Skip commands loggedJoin, Leave, Play & Skip commands logged
Help only available in DMsHelp available anywhere [!!help here]
Song name & Command channel loggedMuch more advanced log details
No vote rewardsVote rewards
No "Song of the day""Song of the day" feature
Uninformative websiteInformative & Modern website
And more...

From the dev

"Hi everyone, thanks for all of the support on our bots as a whole! Musicbot was a bot that I had made a long time ago, along with DevlinBot that had both just been forgotten about and have really needed an update of some kind for ages, so why not just completely revamp them!?"

Some more detail...

Action logger
Musicbot v1 had a small and simple set of actions that could be logged, in v2; we have revamped this feature to log many more commands which also supports custom channel logging!
DJ roles
Musicbot v1 had a DJ feature that was very flawed, many users had reported the fact that they didn't like that their DJ role was reset every time the bot restarts, we had made changes but decided that this feature would need to be rewritten in the future... So here is v2 with a new and improved DJ system, you can simply set the role up for use with the bot and add it to users, simple and does not constantly reset. Finally!
Volume controller
Unlike DevlinBot; Musicbot v1 by default only played songs at 50% volume and could not be changed. So we decided to make Musicbot v2's volume features similar to that of DevlinBot and have finally allowed people to change the volume of the song being played from 1% to 100%. But, Musicbot also now supports a brand new Earrape Mode, if you use the command as a DJ to enable the feature while playing music, users can then change the volume of the bot from 1% to 1500%, so you can bass boost and destroy your eardrums! (Was this a good idea?!)
Better help command
So, like many of our other new bots, we have a new set experience for using the help command and Musicbot v2 is no different! Use the command normally to recieve a DM with the bot's commands and info [!help], or add here at the end of the command to get the commands and info in the same channel as where you called the command [!help here]. On top of this change, we have also updated the error handling with this command to produce an error if there was a problem sending you a DM (We're looking at you people with closed DM's!)
Song of the day [SOTD]
We were going to originally implement this feature into Musicbot v1, but never did in the end. So here it is now! You can view the SOTD and play it if you wish. It's simple and an interesting thing to do each day!

Thats it!

Musicbot is one of Devlin Studio's best bots, so why not get it and ServerMate at the same time?!
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