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What does this bot do?

Whenever you "bump" your server, ServerMate will advertise your own custom server description and invite link to loads of other random servers!

You might have noticed something odd there... I said random, ServerMate is not like any other bump bot that will specifically advertise your server in specific bump hub servers, this bot will post your server invite to any place it finds, making it much more effective at getting you members!

Bump every 20 minutes (Voting decreases this to 10!)
Extremely fast & simple to setup, just run !setup or view our interactive guide
Under constant development
An effective member gain option with lots of exposure
Server of the Week (SotW) allows your server to be selected for even more exposure
Fast support in our discord server
Frequent Premium giveaways
Trusted by over 5k+ servers!

We have more information logged on our website, have a look