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Design a character and live life. Get your discord server active in no time!


Our bot made this

I mean, I've never seen a bot in discord ever do this before! Wanna know why?

Many economy bots are solely based around numbers

That's just boring, who cares about getting a bigger number now? It's time to evolve economy bots towards the revoloution!

We're doing it right

Char is the first bot based around having a virtual character in discord, isn't that sweet? It also is largely revolved around user-created content to allow other users to have a pick and choose of more outfits to try! That was how this Char was made and it looks amazing already!

We follow the Devlin Bot's promise:

  1. EXCELLENT UPTIME - our bots sustain a good uptime due to our hosting services, being online throught your day; all ready to help you!
  2. FEATURE-RICH - we cram lots of features into each one of our bots! We wonder what the point is of having loads of other bots made by different people when you can just have a few that incorporate all of the required features.
  3. USER-FRIENDLY - the problem with many bots on discord is that they just don't get their ideas right when trying to help the consumer. Many commands in bots are complex, hard to understand and just have long commands. We differenciate from these bots by adding simple, step-by-step commands that allow you to understand what to do at each step. Have a go and try it out!

Char is in open-beta

Test it in our server

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